Tuesday, January 26, 2010

26.01.2010 21:57

last night
i wrote about you
not because i still love
just because i still pain
you know that feeling?
you don't know cause you never asked me
you just know i carzy to love you
and you just know that i still love you
start from that day
i force you to said you love me
just last
i just wanna listen for the last
you said it
and you said about last time too
you said sorry to me
and said sorry for lying me
no care about me
and evrything that i feel hurt
hey guy
it too late to say apologize to me
too late
if let me choose
i still wont accept you
because i feel tired
tired with you
tired to face you
tired to love you
i different with last time
because of you
make me more mature
make me more know about all the thing
thanks for all...

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